Andy Gomer


After three years as a Highly Qualified Executive (HQE) at Defense Information Security Agency, Andy Gomer has re-entered private industry with his latest company AGE Solutions LLC.  Mr. Gomer’s vision for AGE is to offer enterprise solutions to Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial clients, leveraging modern automation and orchestration capabilities combined with extensive telecommunications relationships to deliver cost-optimized solutions.

Mr. Gomer has over 35 years of enterprise technology experience most of which have been spent in the engineering of high-availability, high-security distributed networks.  He has significant experience with major programs within the DoD as a Principal Architect of classified and unclassified worldwide networks.  His unparalleled knowledge of DoD telecommunications policy and pricing has enabled him to help customers improve network performance while reducing cost of ownership.  Mr. Gomer holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Creighton University and a Master’s Degree in Operations Research from George Washington University.